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History of Portuguese Architecture

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This website was built within the scope of the subjects of History of Portuguese Architecture I and II of the Master in Architecture of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra. Based on the example of the site developed by professors and students of these subjects in previous years (see Historical Portuguese Architecture), it was decided to create a new information system on Portuguese architecture and to share the work that has been done in the meantime.

Developed in the practical part of the chair, the themes usually involve buildings that have disappeared or have undergone changes, destruction or ruin throughout history, in order to promote research, discussion and exchange of ideas. The works involve register the current state of the structures (photographic record, sketches, and survey drawings), documentary research and the presentation of hypothetical drawings of what would be the original building or of the various phases of its evolution in time (interpretation drawings).

It is important to note that interpretation drawings should not be taken as a "scientific" and strict reconstruction of the buildings constructive history. They aim to be, above all, reading hypotheses resulting from the development of group work - with the inherent limitations of this type of exercises and the learning process of the students themselves. For research purposes it is recommended to consult the specialized bibliography indicated on a case-by-case basis.



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