Monasteries and convents

Portuguese male monasteries and convents were closed down and integrated into the Patrimony of the State in 1834 after the Liberal Revolution, which decreed the extinction of the Religious Orders. Feminine monasteries and convents were closed down a few years later, after the death of the last resident nun. The buildings were transformed and adapted to new uses, partially or totally destroyed or simply abandoned.

The work of the students was to try to perceive the original architecture and organization of these monasteries and convents, to try to perceive the various additions that were made during the Ancien Régime, and to try to recreate the state of the buildings when the Religious Orders were abolished in 1834 .


Graça Church and ConventÉvora
São Marcos MonasteryCoimbra
Maceira Dão MonasteryMangualde
Santa Cruz MonasteryCoimbra