Baixo-Mondego Farmhouses

The region of Baixo Mondego boasts many old noble rural houses, formerly belonging to large landlord families or important religious houses, such as the monastery of Santa Cruz of Coimbra. The majority of the buildings is now abandoned and in an advanced stage of deterioration. It may be said that ten or twenty years from now, many of these houses will be completely ruined.

The students' work is mainly to visit and photograph the buildings and to carry out survey drawings (plants, sections and elevations) of their current state in order to make a record of these buildings before they disappear.


Bouça FarmhousePenela
Fôja FarmhouseFigueira da Foz
Almiara FarmhouseMontemor-o-Velho
Marujal FarmhouseMontemor-o-Velho